Frequently Asked Questions

When can a youth join Pack 32?

  • Children may join Pack 32 at anytime from the their kindergarten year through the start of 5th grade.

How can we sign up?

Where do I purchase a uniform?

When should uniforms be worn?

  • All Cub Scouts and Leaders are expected to wear Class A uniforms to Pack Meetings, Pinewood Derby, the Blue and Gold Banquet, parades, fundraisers, and other public displays of Cub Scouting unless otherwise instructed.

  • Cub Scouts should wear Class B uniforms (Pack 32 t-shirts) at activities when the Class A uniform is not requested, such as camping, hiking, field sports, and field trips. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to wear Class B t-shirts to these events as well.

  • Den Leaders set the uniform policy for their respective Den Meetings and Den events.

Are siblings welcome at Pack Meetings and events?

  • Yes! Most Pack Meetings and events are for the entire family. Bring your sister, younger brother, mom, dad, or friend (but not your dog!) to share in the fun.

Where are Pack 32 Meetings held?

  • Pack Meetings are held at the First Congregational Church, 19 Church Street, Verona, NJ. (But sometimes we might meet at the ice rink, the fire house, the zoo, or other fun locations!)

  • Den Meeting locations are decided upon by the individual Dens.

What Council and District are we in?