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Pack 32 Schedule: May-August 2017

posted May 2, 2017, 5:16 PM by Verona Pack 32 Cub Scouts   [ updated May 14, 2017, 9:25 AM ]


Memorial Day Parade - May 29 (Monday) -  10:00 am

  • As usual, the parade will begin at 10:00 AM and the line of March will form at 9:30 AM at Everett field.
  • Class A uniforms are required! - (Please note that if you are one of our new scouts and don't have a uniform, please wear a red, white, or blue t-shirt)

Rain Gutter Regatta: June 11 (Sunday) – 3:30 pm (Rear of Laning Ave School)

  • By now everyone should have received their kits.  If not, please email a Pack leader and we will make sure to have one dropped off. The assembly instructions are provided in the kit and are quite simple to follow.   

June Pack Meeting June 16th (Friday) 7 pm

  • Kickball and Advancement! 7pm at the Brookdale School baseball field!

Pack 32 NJ Jackals Game and Camping – June 23rd (tent camping in the outfield) - 7:05 pm

  • We're going to the NJ Jackals Baseball Game on Friday, June 23th and camping in the outfield!
  • The game starts at 7:05 pm and you must bring your own tent.
  • Tickets are $35 per person and includes a ticket to the game, dinner, and breakfast.
  • RSVPs are due by May 31st:

Pack 32 Summer BBQ/Optional Overnight Tent Camping – Saturday July 22nd –6 pm

Cubmobile Racing @ Maplewood Memorial Park August 12 (Saturday) 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • This event is friendly, non-competitive racing of Cubmobiles (soap box derby style racers) that each of the Packs have built.
  • All Cubs will get the opportunity to "feel the need for speed" as they use gravity to "race" down the hill at Memorial Park in Maplewood (after a brief test to make sure that they can properly control the vehicle).
  • We will use all available cars and match up cars and drivers with each race. Cub Scouts may invite other youth who may be interested in Cub Scouts to attend this event. 
  • All are welcome to attend! 
  • Cubs must wear closed toe shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes are best). Avoid shoes which could easily fly off or cause the feet to slip while driving.
  • Cubs must wear a safety helmet when driving one of the Cubmobiles. Cubs are encouraged to bring a helmet with them that fits properly (a bike helmet will work fine; alternatively a baseball batting helmet, football helmet, or motocross helmet will also work).
  • Please note that elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, safety goggles, thigh pads, driving gloves, and shoulder pads are all optional...:-)=> Cubs will have the opportunity to practice in the Cubmobiles before racing down the big hill. 
  • Cubs must demonstrate that they can stop the car using the hand brake before they will be allowed to race down the hill. Cubs must not try to use their feet to stop - the Cubmobiles will pick-up a fair amount of speed coming down the hill and the "Fred Flintstone"/"Barney Rubble" approach is not going to work! Worse than that, the Cub can seriously hurt a foot or ankle so we need to ensure that they MUST USE THE HAND BRAKE TO STOP.