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Cubmobile Build and Race Schedule

posted Jun 26, 2015, 8:10 AM by Verona Pack 32 Cub Scouts   [ updated Aug 11, 2015, 9:36 AM by Brian Donnelly ]

Pack 32 has been invited to participate in a Co-Pack Cubmobile event to take place from 8a-12p on August 15 at the Maplewood Memorial Park Amphitheater. This event will include Scouts from at least 15 local packs, and is a non-competitive event.

Cubmobiles are like soapbox derby cars in that the Scouts sit in them and steer the vehicle down a grass hill (see the attached photos). Being that Pack 32 does not have currently have any Cubmobiles, we have to build some! West Essex Building Supply donated the hardware and gave us a great price on lumber, so we have almost everything we need to build three Cubmobiles. 

We ask that every Scout that participates in the event also volunteer to help build the Cubmobiles. The supplies are currently in my garage, so we will build them at my house (15 Beach Road). We would like to have them finished a week ahead of time so we can test-run them on Saturday 8/8.

Please let Brian Donnelly know if you plan on attending the event on 8/15, and which days (and time) you are available for one hour to help with the build.

9a - 1p Saturday 7/18 (build)
9a - 1p Saturday 8/1 (finish build and paint)
12:30-1:15 Sunday, 8/9 (test runs at Verona Park sledding hill)
8a - 12p Saturday 8/15 (race day @  Maplewood Memorial Park Amphitheater)