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December Pack Meeting / Holiday Party/ Ice skating: FRIDAY 12/13 @ Codey Arena

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WHEN: FRIDAY 12/13 @ 7:00 pm  
WHERE: Codey Arena @ South Mountain Recreation Complex

  • Don't forget to bring a wrapped gift (value not to exceed $15) for our gift exchange (siblings welcome to participate)
  • Please bring along something to share for our pot luck food
  • The Pack will cover the ice-skating costs
  • For those that don’t want to skate, the Turtle Back Zoo holiday lights will be accessible
  • Popcorn prizes will be distributed
  • Uniforms are NOT needed for this meeting. Please have your scouts wearing Pack T-Shirts or Pack Hoodies if they have them.

November Pack Meeting: Thursday 11/14 @ 7 p.m.

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WHAT: November Pack Meeting
WHEN: Thursday 11/14, 7 p.m. -8 p.m.  
WHERE: First Congregational Church of Verona (Church St)  

  • Our theme for November is Citizenship! 
  • Scouts will "have their voice heard" as they vote on what movie they will watch at a future Pack meeting. 
  • Make sure your Class A uniform is in tip-top shape as it's uniform inspection time!
  • And.... pick up your Pinewood Derby Car Kit so you have plenty of time to plan and build you are for January's Pinewood Derby.

October Pack Meeting: Thursday 10/10 @ 7pm

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WHAT: October Pack Meeting  
WHEN: Thursday 10/10, 7 p.m. -8 p.m.  
WHERE: First Congregational Church of Verona (Church St)  

  • Please remember to turn-in your Popcorn and Wreath Sales Sheets and Funds!
  • Dues ($100 per scout) is due by this meeting. You can bring a check made out to "Boy Scouts of America Pack 32", or submit payment online by clicking here
  • If you are a new scout and have yet to hand in your registration application, please bring it the meeting!

RSVP Posted for Fall Camping (or day only) Spook-A-Ree

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Pack 32 RSVP Links

WHAT: Pack 32 Cabin Camping Trip To Glen Gray  
WHEN: 10/19 - 10/20 (Or come just for the day on Saturday)  
COST: $15 Per Person  

More details and the RSVP form can be found at http://www.veronapack32.org/rsvp

Popcorn Show and Sell Sign Ups

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Did you know it costs the pack about $200 per scout, per year, to run the program? We collect 50% of that from dues, and rely on the Popcorn and Wreath sales to cover the other 50%. This means that we need an average of $300 of Popcorn/Wreaths sold by each scout. 

Please sign up for at least one time-slot for the Popcorn Show and Sells by visiting https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090e4ba5aa29a6fa7-popcorn2.

Thank you.

2019 September thru December Pack Schedule of Events

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The 2019 September - December Pack Events Schedule is now available.                 

It is attached for download at the bottom of this post.

September Pack Meeting: Wed 9/11 @ 7p

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WHAT: First Pack 32 meeting of the 2019/2020 season!  
WHEN: Wednesday 9/11, 7 p.m. -8 p.m. 
WHERE: First Congregational Church of Verona (Church St)  

Come kick of the new Cub Scout season with some fun and games, learn what great events are in the works for this season, and don't forget to pick-up your popcorn/wreath forms! 

Class-A uniforms are requested (for new scouts that don't have them yet, just where regular clothes). 

If you missed last spring's open house and are interested in learning more about Pack 32, all are welcome to attend the Pack meeting. 

Cubmobile Racing, Saturday 8/10

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Cubmobile Races at Memorial Park   

Location: Maplewood Memorial Park Amphitheater   

Saturday, August, 10th  
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM   


BRING: water bottle, closed toe shoes, bicycle helmet  
WEAR: Class B T-Shirt (Leaders, Scouts, and adults if you have one)  
This event is friendly, non-competitive racing of Cubmobiles (soap box derby style racers) that each of the Packs have built. All Cubs will get the opportunity to "feel the need for speed" as they use gravity to "race" down the hill at Memorial Park in Maplewood (after a brief test to make sure that they can properly control the vehicle). We will use all available cars and match up cars and drivers with each race. Cub Scouts may invite other youth who may be interested in Cub Scouts to attend this event.  All are welcome to attend!  Parental assistance will be needed with set up, monitoring racing lanes, test drives, working with youth waiting to race, keeping all Cubs and siblings away from the race course when Cubmobiles are in motion, cleanup, etc. 


8:00am - 9:00am: leader/parent arrival and setup (we need people to arrive early to help set up) 

9:00am - Noon: driver safety testing and racing

12:00 - 12:30pm: breakdown and cleanup


Cubs must wear closed toe shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes are best). Avoid shoes which could easily fly off or cause the feet to slip while driving.

Cubs must wear a safety helmet when driving one of the Cubmobiles. Cubs are encouraged to bring a helmet with them that fits properly (a bike helmet will work fine; alternatively a baseball batting helmet, football helmet, or motocross helmet will also work).

Please note that elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, safety goggles, thigh pads, driving gloves, and shoulder pads are all optional...:-)=> Cubs will have the opportunity to practice in the Cubmobiles before racing down the big hill. 

Cubs must demonstrate that they can stop the car using the hand brake before they will be allowed to race down the hill. Cubs must not try to use their feet to stop - the Cubmobiles will pick-up a fair amount of speed coming down the hill and the "Fred Flintstone"/"Barney Rubble" approach is not going to work! Worse than that, the Cub can seriously hurt a foot or ankle so we need to ensure that they MUST USE THE HAND BRAKE TO STOP.

Pack 32 Jackals Overnight: Friday 7/19 @ 7pm

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WHAT: Pack 32 Jackals Scout Overnight (game/camp/breakfast) 
WHEN: Friday 7/19/19 -7/20/19 
WHERE: Yogi Berra Stadium @ Montclair State University  
COST: $30 Per Person 

RSVP & PAYMENT DUE BY 6/28/19 - Click Here To RSVP & PAY
  • Remember to bring a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, and your toothbrush!!
  • Breakfast is included.
  • Dinner is the responsibility of the participant.
  • Please contact Anthony Coulouris at ajc313@optonline.net with any questions.

Pack 32 Official Tent Camping Policy: Families are welcome to share tents and camping equipment under BSA guidelines, which will be strictly enforced at all times. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this includes, "When camping, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his own parent or guardian........". In other words, a child will not be permitted to sleep in a tent with an adult that is not his/her parent or guardian, unless his/her parent or guardian is also present. 

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